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Asset, Verification & Insurance Risks Management

Offshore & onshore energy sectors

Insurance Risks Management

CPS is experienced in asset management across all energy sectors. We investigate incident claims including cause and circumstances, and impartially identify actions to prevent and minimise loss in the future. Don’t wait until a claim is required: we can evaluate risk and advise on strategies to mitigate the likelihood of adverse events. This reduces your insurance costs as well as the overall cost of risk, so you can invest with confidence.

How we manage insurance risk:

Our extensive involvement with ultra-deepwater operations includes diving, ROV, floating production and storage, cable- and pipe-laying barges, anchor handling, tugs and supply boats. With our extensive experience in the offshore oil & gas and renewables sectors, we specialise in managing marine insurance claims in offshore energy, but our claims management services cover a wide range of sectors.

Our services include:

These activities include:

Operational Readiness, Compliance and Verification Inspections & Audits

All companies try to anticipate and avoid claims. When clients and insurers work together in proactive loss prevention, they interact to reduce claims and highlight the risk of non-productive time and invisible lost time in advance, instead of waiting for an accident or loss.

Readiness surveys help with this. CPS survey operational readiness to evaluate the ability of an asset to carry out its intended operational plan when operations commence. Our Operational Readiness Survey provides clients with a rapid assessment of an asset’s readiness and highlights issues that could stop operations commencing. We can perform the survey before the owner carries out any remedial or reactivation work to bring an asset back into operation.

The CPS Claims Management team has almost 50 years’ experience in the energy sector, working in onshore and offshore environments. We provide and help with delivering safe, efficient operations across all operational areas. Our quality-assured Claims Management department uses a mentor-based peer review system and continuous development programme for all associates to ensure efficient claims investigation and transparent reporting.

Our Claims Management team has extensive experience of:

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