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Fees & Procedures

There are two approaches to managing your insurance claim:

Approach 1

CPS appoint assessors to scope the damage and approve contractors to return your premises to pre-loss condition. The Insurance company pays the assessors and contractors directly, and they pay us a project management fee which covers our costs of administering the claim on your behalf.

CPS manage your claim until it is successfully completed, using dedicated support from:

  • Insurance Claims Assessors
  • Policy Technicians
  • Building & Contents Specialists

Approach 2

If you want to to use your own builder to carry out works, you may prefer to receive a lump sum cash settlement. In this case CPS still handle all aspects of the claim for you, charging a small percentage of the final settlement you receive to cover our costs. This percentage is determined by the size and complexity of the claim. The increase in settlement we achieve for our clients is usually many times greater than the fees we charge.

You are still supported by your dedicated:

  • Insurance Claims Assessors
  • Policy Technicians

Procedure for accepting an insurance claims management call out
  1.  Free consultation call).
  2.  Policyholder provides insurance documents and our surveyor confirms the client is covered for the incident in question.
  3.  We advise the policyholder to register the claim.
  4.  Policyholder provides the registered claim number to our surveyor.
  5.  We ask the policyholder if they would like Cameron’s Assessor to visit their property or business.
  6.  Letter of authority between the Assessor and Policyholder is reviewed and an agreement to proceed is made.
  7. Once the letter of authority is signed and the agreement is in place, the CPS team communicates with the insurance company and the loss adjuster to progress the claim.

Make a Claim

We’re here to help

We know that making an insurance claim can be challenging. We are here to manage the sometimes complicated process for you while leaving you in full control at all times. Our straightforward and transparent approach makes it easy for you to get on with your life while we get on with your claim.